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Welcome to TheCastleClinic.ie!

OEP3® Psychophysics and Energy Orientation – 1st of July and 1st of August 2010

A journey of physical, emotional and mental awareness, to develop self-esteem, effective communication and positive thinking.

Personal Poer is the freedom to choose.

The ability to take part in your own life and decide which direction to give to your own potential.

Activating your personal power means to:

  • Recognise the ability to manage situations, relationships and events in life;
  • Improve the quality of your thoughts and emotions in order to be more confident and free

Workshop Facilitator:
Luca Cattaneo, Certified Teacher, Master Trainer in NLP, Doctor in Naturopathy.


“The Castle Clinic”, located at Durhamstown Castle, Bohermeen, Navan, Co Meath

Places are limited, please book in advance, early booking discount:
In order to secure a place, a €50 deposit can be paid via postal order, cheque or bank transfer.

Contact for booking, info and payment details:
Elena Brossa
085 1679093

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The Castle Clinic at Durhamstown Castle was officially opened by Mairead McGuinness on 10th May 2009, Bohermeen, Navan, Co. Meath.

The Castle Clinic is home to now five  practicioners:

  • Sue Prickett, Classical Homeopath
  • Rosaleen Allen, Counsellor and Classical Homeopath
  • Fred Walker, Classical Homeopath
  • Younis Fakhfakh, Amatsu Therapist
  • Sheila Kerrane, registered Nutritional Therapist

Learn more about Sue, Rosaleen , Fred, Younis and Sheila in the “About Us” section.

See Photos of TheCastleClinic before, during and after its opening in the Photo Gallery.

You will find information about Homeopathy here on TheCastleClinic.ie and can contact the team with your questions and to book an appointment.


Join us at TheCastleClinic and Celebrate with us – New Courses starting soon. Sunday, Nov 29 2009 

Join us in the beautiful surroundings at TheCastleClinic.

Whether you are new to Homeopathy or a practicioner, interested in Yoga or looking for a different present for Christmas this year – you are very welcome to join us at TheCastleClinic.

Here is a list of our upcoming events and classes:

  • A One Day Experimental Course For Homeopaths (Jan 2010)

with the aim to further develop listening skills; learn techniques for listening; for listening to clients and listening to ourselves.

  • A Four Week Course In Homeopathy (starting in Jan 2010)

with the aim to study a fascinating form of medicine and give you the ability to treat at home.

  • The BEST Yoga Class in the BEST Venue in Meath (ongoing)

Join us every Tuesday and experience Yoga for yourselves under instruction.


Come and meet our team of Homeopaths: Yoga~Amatsu~ Cranio-Sacral and Nutritional Therapists, while Browsing FOR A GIFT.

For further details on those events, please visit our Events Page.

We are looking foward to welcome and meeting you at TheCastleClinc.

Welcome to TheCastleClinic, Sheila! Sunday, Nov 29 2009 

We are pleased to welcome Sheila Kerrane as new practicioner at TheCastleClinic.

Here is a quick description of Sheila:

“I am a fully qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist, I have been practising part time from my home office in Dunshaughlin but will now also be taking consultations in the Castle Clinic. I graduated with distinction from The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health in May 2007. Whilst training as a Nutritional Therapist I also managed a Health Store which further increased my range of knowledge on supplements and nutritious foods.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Graduate Diploma in Computing and worked in the Insurance sector for a number of years before returning to study Nutritional Therapy in 2004. I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness but initially began studying nutrition in an attempt to find solutions to my own health concerns. Having cured my constant fatigue and digestive problems through diet and lifestyle change I discovered the mmense healing power of food and supplemental nutrients and very quickly realised this was the profession I wanted to pursue. … ”

To read more and to get in contact with Sheila, continue reading here.

A new addition Sunday, Jul 5 2009 

TheCastleClinic has become a new addition!

We are very pleased and welcome Younis Fakhfakh as new addition to the Clinic.

Younis Fakhfakh has joined out team recently and is offering Amatsu sessions at TheCastleClinic.

See here for more details about Younis Fakhfakh or click here to learn more about Amatsu.


Until you have held a baby who is screaming from the pain of Colic, it is hard to appreciate just how painful a condition it is!

Colic simply means sharp, spasmodic stomach pains or cramps. Homeopathic treatment is highly effective in treating Colic in Babies. Colic is essentially due, to the immaturity of your baby’s Digestive System. If you think about it, your baby has been in the womb for approximately nine months, and food is delivered pre-digested, but all that changes…

Breastfed babies usually suffer less with Colic; because the milk they are drinking is totally adapted to them. Cow’s milk or Formula is harder for a baby to digest and will have a slightly soporific effect (make baby sleepy) which might seem like a good idea! I know! I know! I had colicky babies of my own! Cow’s milk was designed for a calf; who has to grow fast, babies don’t. Because of the large molecules in Cow’s milk, it can lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome and Allergies.

Colic can vary from baby to baby, but the typical pattern is crying starting in the evening and sometimes continuing into the night. It is really distressing. For a mother to see her baby in such pain is very difficult. Colic is not life threatening except in the case of intussusceptions, (part of the gut telescopes up over the other, symptoms are extreme pain, and stool like redcurrant jelly, urgent medical attention is needed.)

To get the right Remedy, you need to describe to the Homeopath, whether your Baby is also suffering from constipation; whether they want to stretch backwards or are they pulling their legs up to their tummy. They can have green stools or loose motions; or they can become extremely cross and nothing will soothe them.

Colic can also be caused by the drugs administered during Birth.

The most widely used Homeopathic Remedies are Cham., Coloc., Dios., Mag-M.,and Secale.

Some practical tips!

As the relationship between Mother and Baby is so close, you also need to keep your own health in mind. If you are shattered after the birth, keep house work to the minimum. Just prepare food and rest. If you find visitors a problem, suggest a time when a couple of friends could come together and keep it short. When the baby does get to sleep, you must relax! Don’t use it to buzz around and catch up. When you feel stronger you can do that.

The foods you eat could affect your baby; the main culprits are dairy products, caffeine (in Coca cola, tea and coffee.) Alcohol, spicy foods, the onion family, all the cabbage family, green peppers (!), strawberries, oranges or grapes (stoned fruits). But please don’t think you must remove all these foods from your diet! You take one at a time and see if that improves things; then try another…. Keep it simple, digestible and bland for a bit. If you find a glass of wine helps then by all means have it! Moderation is the key word.

  1. After you feed the baby, help her to wind, by holding her up on your shoulder.
  2. Gentle pressure on the tummy may help, on a towel on your knee, face down.
  3. Or face down with your knees slightly open to relieve pressure.
  4. Helping your baby to Poo, by gently massaging its tummy in clockwise direction.
  5. Boiled Fennel or dill seeds, ½ a teaspoon in a pint of water, strained and cooled, from a teaspoon.
  6. Offer boiled, cooled water as babies are sometimes thirsty, not hungry.
  7. Experiment with how you hold the baby, they might not have the nipple in right.


Let the baby get really hungry as they can swallow air and cause Colic.

Don’t give Gripe water .It has a lot of Alcohol!

Don’t have the wrong teat size as this can cause air swallowing.

All of these things are hints and tips that have been tried and tested; you just need to experiment and find what works for you. Our Clinic has had plenty of experience with Colicky babies so don’t be shy!

Minding a small baby can be the most fabulous job in the world but also the most exhausting…. Homeopathic Remedies are of course COMPLETELY SAFE for you and Baby.

Dad’s come into their own at these times so don’t shoo them away, hand the baby over for half an hour. They won’t have been with the baby all day and it can just change the Dynamic.

Sue Prickett www.thecastleclinic.ie

The Launch of a Clinic Wednesday, Jun 10 2009 

by Sue Prickett

We had  a very successful Launch of our Homeopathic and Alternative Medicine Clinic on Sunday May 10th at Durhamstown Castle, Bohermeen.

We had a terrific turnout; neighbours friends and well wishers; those who have benefited from homeopathy and those who knew only vaguely about it but wish to learn more! Practitioners of Medicine both Conventional and Alternative came to participate in the launch and seek a place to practice their skills. Environmental Scientists, organic Producers, Artists and Designers, Lawyers, Doctors and Farmers rubbed shoulders, and all benefited. My daughters and friends did the Hospitality with consummate grace.

My husband Dave, a Furniture Designer, had great praise for his woodwork in the Clinic; doors, floors, desks and bookcases all handmade!… known as the dairy house it will now house Homeopaths, Counsellors and Yoga Instructors.

“What is Homeopathy and how does it work?” I was asked. So what better time to answer it!

It’s a complete system of Medicine that is used in over 60 countries. It has a committed following in Europe; in France you will often see “Homeopathie” listed first on the Pharmacy windows! I attended a Homeopathic Conference in France some years ago and was the only Lay Homeopath! Everyone else there was a Medical Specialist or an M.D. some countries have dual training, I.e. Doctor/Homeopath; in others being a qualified Homeopath is sufficient.

But I digress from the question “What is Homeopathy”? Homeopathy is a Pharmacological System-we give drugs as part of the treatment; but our great advantage is our Drugs/Remedies are without side effects; they are in fact so safe you can give them to tiny babies and pregnant mothers. Homeopathic remedies stimulate your immune system with minute doses of medicine similar to the symptoms you are suffering. So like with like.

It is very gentle and works with you rather than against you. It is tailor made for you. Homeopaths realise one medicine doesn’t fit all….because we are all so different. You can have one child in the family constantly with colds and runny nose, the next one is strong but might find criticism devastating. We all have our weak points!

Some people in this recession are welcoming a return to a more grounded existence; there’s a renewed interest in allotments; cooking and dining at home is back in fashion, People no longer feel comfortable with the flashy spending of the Celtic era!

Others react as if to Doomsday! “Its retribution for our wanton ways!” or “We all got too greedy”…Events happen in Life anyway; it’s our REACTION to them that determines our success and mental health in this world. Homeopathy will help you get more in balance and help you make good decisions, which are so difficult when you are stressed out. We are constantly being told how awful it’s going to be, but we have survived on this small island a long time already!

Everyone was impressed with MEP Mairead Mc Guinness; who stood in for Richard Bruton T.D. She loved the Clinic. She was very taken with Homeopathy; having listened to the previous speakers, my husband, and two Colleagues, she was willing to plead our case for greater Homeopathic Awareness in Strasbourg.

Thanks to everyone for the marvellous day, you helped to make it!

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